Making Google Ads Work Better/Smarter

Your Google Ads can be Smarter
Block the bots and Repeat Visitors with Click Fraud Protection.
The most important issue today is making sure your ads get shown to potential new customers. You can effectively block your ads from current customers that are using google like a rolodex and clicking on the paid ad instead of the organic listing.
We can install software that blocks IP addresses of your existing site traffic so that your ads are not shown to current clients, only potentially new customers. So if they are coming back for a second visit, they do not click on another paid ad because it shows first. Users get pushed your organic listing.
This allows your budget last longer and gets you more leads.
Yes, the software will also block the bots, your competitors and potential fraudulent clicks, it is that good and at a low cost. Includes full access to your clicks management portal.
Set up: $49 (waived for accounts under management)
Monthly: $15-$50 based on clicks volume/month
*Accounts under management also receive a $5/month discount when adding the service.
$15/month     up to 500 clicks 
$20/month     500-1000 clicks 
$30/month     1000-2500 clicks  
$40/month     2500-5000 clicks 
$50/month     5000+ clicks 
**Managed services with SEO Web Mechanics not required, we can set up for any Google Ads user (we will need access to the ads account to synch with the software and if we can get access to your website we can also refine the targeting exclusions). Billing can be set up monthly with credit card billing or quarterly/annual for invoice billing.
block the bots
block the bots

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block the bots

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block the bots