Disavowing Bad Links

Disavowing Bad Links

“All links are not good links”

If you have experienced a decrease in your rankings and traffic since the 2013 Google Hummingbird Algorithm shift – you may have spammy links to blame. All the best SEO work can be undone today with bad links. If you have ever bought “50 links for $50″ or used a black hat SEO firm along the way, those links can now damage your site’s credibility. Bad links need to be uncovered, tracked and disavowed.

Step 1 – Collecting the data
We use web based tools to create a complete Link Report that shows all the links that are directed to your site from 3rd party sites.

Step 2 – Audit
We will do a back-link audit to see which links are bad links and compile a list to disavow.    

Bad links may include:
• Links coming in from poor quality/spammy sites
• Links from paid posts
• Links from dead & rotting directories
• Disproportionate anchor text links
• Links from blog networks
• Links from irrelevant & ‘untrustworthy’ sites

Step 3 – Link Removal Process
Based on the finalized audited report we can form a action plan based on which links to fix and which ones to maintain.
• You will receive a consolidated disavow link report  
• We will use Google’s Disavow Tool to remove links.

The scrubbing process takes 2-3 days to complete. Clean up pricing depends on the number of links that have to be manually checked. *Access to Google Webmaster Tools is required for full report generation.

The links clean up investment is $295

Monthly ongoing updates to disavow file: $50 (recheck, update & submission)

Not every site will need to be cleaned up. A review of your links may uncover no bad links, a few bad links or hundreds of bad links, each site is different. Find out whether you are being penalized by Google for bad links, then you can make a decision whether to clean the list yourself or have the links list professionally scrubbed.

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