SEO Relevancy:

While some traditional print marketing methods may be becoming obsolete, SEO is here to stay in 2021 and beyond!

Whether you invested in SEO early or are just getting started, Search Marketing will be a major driver of organic traffic and new customer leads to your business. Work at gaining backlinks and you will have more traffic, plus you create new “road” ways for people to find your business on line.

Remember that more than 70% of all search is on a mobile device, and half that search is voice driven so you want to be sure your home page content answers all the basic questions: Who are you, What do you do, What needs to you fill, Where are you located, Why should the searcher do business with you. This will help your rankings!


Getting Started:

Link Building: Start with the associations you belong to and your Social Media pages – add backlinks to all of your profiles. The more inbound links you can create, the more credibility your site will have. Add on professional link building services when you are ready, keep in mind that link building should be done forever, so the search engines see the constant growth of new links, pick a budget you can be comfortable with.

What about Google Paid Placements: Right now Paid Ads Dominate. If you want to grab a share of the traffic, Pay to Play is the only option.

Are you using Google and YouTube Ads: you have the right idea to get to the top of Page 1! Consider adding Click Fraud Protection to your account to reduce waste, block bots and competitors’ clicks.

If you need help with setting up or managing your Google Ads campaigns please reach out! The SEO Web team is here to assist! Most companies find that they can save 20-30% of their budget with managed account services and click fraud protection.

Getting Found!
Look at your online marketing strategy and your website!
It is time to make adjustments for the current search environment!

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