Is your Website Mobile Ready?

When was the last time you looked at your website on a mobile device or a tablet?

Keeping your website fast and fresh on mobile is critical today! Your mobile home page does not have to match your desktop home page, and in many instances it should be differnt. Users on desktop are more likely in research mode and mobile devices are in the buying phase. Make it easy for them to find you, check your reviews and sign up for services!


  • Have contact information top of mobile site (desktop too!)
  • Remove, Reduce or Compress Videos
  • Link or embed your Google Reviews for credibility
  • Have a Call to Action (CTA) top of site*
  • *Reservation form, check out link, sign up form
  • Make your site fast, and do not forget the ASK!
  • Ask for the business – Ask and you get!
  • Web Basics Reminder: Upgrade to GA4 Analytics
  • As Google phases out UA3, you want to be ready

Be Ready for 2023 with GA4 (formally UA-3)

Universal Analytics (UA3) will be replaced with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in July 2023. Your existing UA3 account can be converted to a GA4 account now. If you need help setting up your GA4 property and installing the new tracking code into your website, please reach out! Most set up/installs take 15-20 minutes if we have access to your account and your website. Estimate increases to 30-45 mins if we need to obtain access to both properties.

The 2023 Albany Job Fair Dates:

4/19, 6/7, 7/12 & 10/4

Book your Table now for Best Placement

Billing is 60 days ahead of each event @ $695 per table

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B2C Visitor Tracking!


  • Get contact information for site visitors
  • Software Verifies appx 30% of traffic
  • Reduce your Google Ads spend
  • Great for your BDC to increase leads
  • Add site visitors to your email marketing
  • Also available for B2B Targeting
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AdviceLocal Listings: Increase Search Visibility

A subscription with AdviceLocal can increase your search visibility and provides Voice Search assist technology for your website! Fabulous for multi-location listings and home based business. Get found by more searchers! $35/month

Advice Local

Search Engine Optimization

Presented by Darcy Knapp for SCORE of the Greater Hudson Valley

Learn SEO Best Practices

Learn the difference between SEO & SEM Advertising, and how to use Google’s tools to review your results. Every business owner should have a basic understanding to make better decisions with advertising investments.

Ready To Review Your Web Presence?

Web 3.0 is coming – and sooner than you think. This means static websites will need more inter-activity to engage visitors.
Search engines want fresh, relevant and unique content. We can help you deliver your message more effectively across the web via Social Media, Organic Content, Directory Listings & Paid Placements.
Let’s meet IRL (I’m triple vaxed), or by Zoom or phone at your convenience.
You can book time for your site review:
Ronald Hunt  |  (518) 587-1468  |  [email protected]

Keep Your Website Fresh!

Is it time to make adjustments? Do you need a redesign or to update your site with new logo/colors? When was your last SEO review/update? You should be looking at your overall site performance at least once a year!

Free analysis and recommendations are always just a phone call or click away!

If you would like to schedule an appointment: Initial 30 minute consults (call or zoom) are offered at no charge. This help you decide if we are a good fit for your needed next steps.

Enjoy the Sunshine!!
Darcy 🙂