What does it take to get found today?
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What does it take to get found today?
Getting your website to rank in Google Search Results has never been more of a challenge!
You need content! Plus proper tagging and solid URL structure. Then you need to get people to link to your page to build your credibility, but the trick is to get good in-links from related industries and sources. Just having inbound links is not enough, the links have to be from related industry or services to build your page value. Higher page value = More SRPs (search results pages!)
What does it Mean?

Now more than ever you need more pages on your site dedicated to content about your business, your industry and your services. Landing pages are a great way to expand your site with relative information. Blog posts do a great job – add one new post a week and watch your rankings grow!


What Should You Do:

Your website should be a resource for your customers about all your products and services. Your content needs to be unique for the reader and for the search engines. If you copy/paste over an article as a resource, be sure to cite the author and publication and add your comments on the article so that you have some unique content on the pages. Google never reads the same content twice, so be sure to have your creative writing hat on every week when you add to your site.


Your Weekly Blog Postings can Feature: 

  1. What’s new in your industry
  2. New technology in your industry
  3. Related topical events
  4. New innovations (by your firm or even a competitor!)
  5. Tips & Helpful Hints for your readers

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Networking & Workshops:

 Youtube Search Marketing Webinar 


  Youtube Search Marketing Webinar
Now you can take the Youtube Marketing Class as a Webinar! Learn how to use Youtube for Organic and Paid Search Marketing! Learn to drive traffic for pennies a click!! Take the class in a fun 22 minute webinar and get all the details you need to get found with Youtube!

Webinar Price: $ 10.00
Class Price: $ 19.95

Next Classes at the Schenectady Chamber will be posted soon!

If you would like to schedule an appointment to review your website just let me know! I am here to help you! Web consults are provided at no charge.

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine!