Improving Your Marketing Efforts

Where to go next. . . with a limited marketing budget you need to maximize your reach across all media.

Get more out of your current marketing: Drive in website visitor leads to your business development center with Anonymous Visitor Tracking. For B2B businesses, this is a great way to discover which companies are already considering your service. Inside information can help your BDC book more appointments and deliver more sales. Get a 2 week free trial, take a test drive and see how the B2B leads develop for your business!

Start small and grow your efforts: Social Media is ‘free’ if you simply start to post and make your profiles more active, you will see more inquiries for new business. Give people a chance to find you in their playground be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter!

Google Paid Placements: Right now Paid Ads Dominate. You are competing with: Shopping Ads, Google Guarantee Ads, Traditional Search and Mobile Ads. If you want to grab a share of the traffic, Pay to Play is the only option.

For those of you using Google and Youtube Ads: you have the right idea! Reaching active searchers that are looking to do business with you right now is the way to grow. Consider adding Click Fraud Protection to your account to reduce bots, existing customer and competitor traffic.

If you need help with setting up or managing your Google Ads campaigns please reach out! The SEO Web team is here to assist! Most companies find that they can save 20-30% of their budget with managed account services and click fraud protection.

Getting Found!

Look at your online marketing strategy and your website!

It is time to make adjustments for the current search environment!


Think Fresh Start & New Year and make changes.

The world has changed, Shift has Happened, Get busy!

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April 21, 2021 & Oct 6, 2021

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