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How to Train Your ChatGPT

Think of ChatGPT like an intern. If it’s their first day, they won’t know exactly how to get the job done. However, with practice and clear instructions, you’ll be amazed by what they can accomplish.

Using ChatGPT to make outlines for blog content is a great way to fast-track your marketing workflows. You can also use ChatGPT as your creative sidekick to write short-form copy and content in seconds.

Would you like to know more about ChatGPT? Just click the link to download your copy of ChatGPT for Dummies.

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Keep Your Website Fresh in 2024!

Is it time to make adjustments? Do you need a redesign or to update your site with new logo/colors? When was your last SEO review/update? You should be looking at your overall site performance at least once a year, and now is a good time.

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