The Heartbleed Bug

Time to start updating/changing your passwords

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The Heartbleed Bug

Heartbleed is a security bug, the best way to avoid the bug is to log into your social and emamil accounts and update your password. If you use a favorite password on all your pages, it is time to create a new favorite.

What does it all Mean?

If you have always had the same passwords or you use the same password on different sites you are vulnerable to having your account/s hacked.

What Can You Do:

Protect your privacy, your security and your account integrity and change your password. Pick a new password that has letters and numbers, include a capitol letter or special character to make it harder for a hacker to get into your account.


How the web has responded:

Most sites have updated encryption and defeated the bug, but you are still at risk. Change your passwords across the web from your social pages to your credit card payment portals just to be safe. You want to be sure that your data and your identity is protected.

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