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Search Engine Marketing, also known as Paid Search Marketing, and more commonly called Pay Per Click is a pay per acquisition business model. You can advertise on the major search engines for free. . . you pay for every click when a prospective customer is brought across from the search engine to your website. Targeting the ideal customer and optimizing your paid search campaign will help to keep the quality of paid traffic and limit any wasted advertising spend.

Managed Pay Per Click
SEO Web Mechanics offers a transparent SEM/PPC management platform. Get your site on page one of the major search engines with structured paid ad placement. Your ads run on the biggest electronic billboard on the busiest highway – the WEB!!  Professional management of your account drives conversions! You can monitor results and see the true cost per click.

Professionally Managed Campaigns include:

  • Keyword research: Keywords are the foundation of all ad campaigns. Research and industry terms are contrasted with actual search queries to determine the best keywords.
  • Ad Scripting: Your analyst will create appropriate ads based on keywords, titles and descriptions, ensuring that the ad copy is reaching the target audience.
  • Budget recommendations: You can increase or decrease the budget depending on your needs on a month to month basis. Recommendations based on industry norms.
  • Reports: The Google analytics dashboard is accessible for each campaign. You have 24/7 access to your reports online.
  • Ad monitoring, tracking, and recommendations: Weekly monitoring of all keywords, ads, placement, bid price, and rank is included. Google Analytics installed at no charge.
  • Ongoing campaign optimization and strategic insight: Throughout the management of the campaign we will carefully optimize your ads based on the goals and conversions.
  • Consulting Time is available via phone/zoom to review Ads Performance and is billed at an hourly rate. 

Campaign set up includes: Call, Search, Video, Display, Remarketing, Intent Targeting

Google Ads Full Account Set Up Fee: $295* 

Weekly Account Management/Weekly Reporting:   $250/month

Monthly Management/Month-End Reporting:   $125/month

Zoom, Phone or In-Person Consulting Time: $125/hour

includes Click Fraud Protection Subscription (up to 1,000 clicks/month)


Custom Package Set Up and Management and/or Consulting Time Available 

Consulting Time is not included in Ads Management service and is billable hourly

All new accounts to Google are eligible for a $500 matching coupon credit for the first 30 days spend


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