Happy New Year!


Voice & Mobile Search

As we enter a new year, is your site ready for voice search? Are you optimized for mobile devices?

Keep in mind that Google will eventually ignore your desktop site and completely focus on your mobile site to determine your rankings. You need to be focusing on the mobile experience and making sure your can reach the majority of the searching public! 70% or more of all user searches are on mobile, 50% of mobile searches are voice searches, so you have to get ready!

Plan for Success in 2023

Start the new year off by getting organized, build a plan, and keep updating as you accomplish yoru goals. Shifting to a more strategic SEO/SEM plan will help you stay ahead of your competitors. There are new options for search features, new types of Google ads and visitor tracking to pull detail from your traffic.

Businesses do not plan to fail, they fail to plan. . .

Put a plan in place to reach your goals!

The 2023 Albany Job Fair Dates: 

April 19th, July 12th & Oct 4, 2023

See you there!

Reserve Your Table

April Atrium/Gallery rooms are sold out already, please book early!

We are looking into adding a June date to our Albany Job Fair calendar.

Updates to follow once confirmed – hopefully this week!


Are You Ready?

Looking at your online marketing strategy and your website. . . Is it time to make adjustments? Free analysis and recommendations are always just a phone call or click away!

If you would like to schedule an appointment: Initial 30 minute consults (calls or zooms) are offered at no charge. This allows you to determine if we are a good fit for your needs.

Enjoy the sunshine & the fall colors!

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