block the bots
block the bots

Your Google Ads can be Smarter!
Block the bots and Repeat Visitors with Low Cost Click Protection.

You can effectively block your ads from current customers that are using google like a rolodex and clicking on your paid ads for convenience.

We can install software that blocks IP addresses of your existing site traffic so that your ads are not shown to current customers. So if they are coming back for a repeat visit, or trying to log into their account on your site, they only see your organic listings (not your paid ads) so you save the cost/click.

This allows your budget to last longer and deliver more leads.

Yes, the software will also block the bots, your competitors and potential fraudulent clicks, it is that good, and available at a low cost.

Set up: $49*
*waived for accounts under management.
Monthly: $15-$50 based on clicks volume/month

  • $15/month   up to 500 clicks 
  • $20/month   500-1000 clicks 
  • $30/month   1000-2500 clicks  
  • $40/month   2500-5000 clicks 
  • $50/month   5000+ clicks 

Accounts under management also receive a $5/month discount when adding the service.

block the bots

Works with All Web Platforms

 Code can be installed into any site and you can start getting better results from your Google Ads right away!